Contemplative Practice

“Does change start on the outside and work in, or start on the inside and work out? From the very beginning of the Transition movement, people from both perspectives have, literally, sat round the same table and worked together. Both perspectives are true: the outer creates the inner, and the inner creates the outer. What’s more, some would argue, in coming together we will be working to heal divisions and ‘splits’ that may well be at the root of the mess we are in.”

The Surrey Interfaith Contemplative Group is one of the “Heart and Soul” options for Transition work in Surrey. There are a number of small, neighbourhood-based groups currently operating throughout Surrey.

These groups are gatherings of individuals from different religious, spiritual and philosophical backgrounds that meet to build community and deepen relationships. The gatherings begin with 20 minutes of shared silence followed by informal conversation on a range of themes including environmental issues, spirituality, social justice, personal experience, etc.