Community Art

Art and artists play critical roles in re-thinking the future, re-inventing and re-imagining our world at a time of systemic change and uncertainty.  An important aspect of the Transition Movement is to reclaim the transformative role of artists in the community as truth-tellers and agents of change.

We welcome ideas and initiatives from local artists!

There are a number of ongoing arts projects that you can get involved in:

The Peoples’ Food Security Bureau

“With art at the center of all aspects, The People’s Food Security Bureau advocates artisanal agriculture, home cooking, and living in the oneness of all things.” You can learn more about the Peoples’ Food Security Bureau here.

I Grieve

“At its basic level, this project offers a way for individuals to grieve the destruction of local ecosystems in a way that is meaningful for them. At a larger level, this project opens up possibilities to explore the role and potential of collective grieving as a means of raising awareness and sparking emotional responses to the issues of habitat destruction and climate change in our community.” You can read a summary of the project here, and see the full online project here.

Piano in The Grove

The Piano in the Grove  project is a partnership with Support Piano and the City of Surrey Beautification Department. Each year, the piano is repainted in the spring and moved into The Grove for the summer for people to play. We invite you to drop by, play a tune or cheer someone on! Please let us know if you are interested in painting the piano in an upcoming year. See here for more information.

100 in 1 Day

Small actions. Big CHANGE. What if hundreds of people united, each taking one small action to improve their city, all on the same day? 100 in 1 Day is a global festival of civic engagement that takes place in June. See summaries of events that took place in Surrey in 2015.

Selection of Other Projects:

I Have a Dream
Community Garden Signpost
Encyclopedia House
The Grove: A Spatial Narrative
Cedar Bark Poets