The Village Surrey Transition Initiative is a group of Surrey residents concerned about the impact in our community of climate change, peak oil, food security and other factors that affect our lives. We network with other local organizations to make Surrey a more resilient community.

Ours is an inclusive and diverse group that welcomes people from all walks of life, ages and environments. We strive to create:

  • Awareness and a willingness to learn more about the impacts of climate change, peak oil, our economic system and food security as our current model is not functioning for all the members of society.
  • Positive attitude: we need, we want and we can do something to make our communities, our families and our personal lives more resilient, sustainable and fair.
  • A willingness to share, be open and accept that a true resilient and sustainable community is built by the vision and hard work of all its members.
  • A bottom-up approach versus a reliance on governments and others to ‘fix’ things.
  • Accepting that open and respectful communication is key to understanding and learning from each other.
  • Understanding that each person has her/his own set of experiences and expectations, but the group focuses on a common goal, decided by consensus.
  • Embracing diversity in all its aspects. The only truth is that we build together.
  • Being open to build connections with other community initiatives in Surrey and the world that share similar goals and values.
  • Energy, passion and true community service spirit.

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