Earth Day Pilgrimage to Burns Bog

The Earth Day Pilgrimage to Burns Bog took place this year on April 23, 2017.  Scroll down for a summary submitted by speaker and participant Acharya Dwivedi. You can read a summary blog on the Burns Bog website here.

Earth Day Pilgrimage to Burns Bog
By Acharya Dwivedi

The Burns Bog Conservation Society has been working hard to protect and preserve it from the greedy developers and anti-environmentalists. The Society creates awareness by organizing several events. Earth Day Pilgrimage to Burns Bog is an annual event and this year it was held on April 23,2017. The event began at
2.00PM. Pilgrimage helps to remove barriers, brings people together from faith, spiritual and environmental groups, and presents a united front on issues and concerns.

The Burns Bog is treated as the “lungs of the lower mainland”. It is the largest domed peat bog in the world which covers 40 square kilometers of land but small portion of this area is accessible now to public on the eastern side called the Delta Nature Reserve.
The major characteristics of Burns Bog are that it is wet, acidic, peat forming. It regulates water, prevents flooding and releases water in dry conditions. Burns Bog is habitat of more than 300 plant and 175 bird species.

The bog sequesters carbon emissions that cause climate de-stabilization. Moreover, it clears our air, water and plays an important role in our local ecosystem .

The Pilgrimage participants were welcome d by the President of Burns Bog Society followed by Imam Tariq Azeem’s speech. Aline la Flamme and the Daughters of the Drum, South fraser Unitarian Congregation and Susan Summers and the Sacred Web Singers gave musical performances. Closing blessings were given by Acharya S.P.Dwivedi. More than hundred pilgrims of different ages and sections of the society walked together to enjoy and relate with nature.

Members of the South Fraser Unitarian Choir performed along the Pilgrimage route:

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