Urban Foraging in Surrey

Wait! Don’t pick that dandelion leaf!

OK, it depends where you are. This year has been a  learning experience for us.

Over the years, Village Surrey and our various friends and partners have offered numerous foraging workshops around the city to educate people about edible and non-edible plants in our region.

These have been some of our most popular and well attended workshops, leaving participants with more knowledge and respect for our urban green spaces.

This spring, we were looking at offering two workshops on foraging: Tynehead Park (April 28) and Green Timbers Urban Forest (May 7). What we didn’t realize was that holding these workshops in park spaces contravened a number of City of Surrey bylaws. You can read the relevant bylaws on page 10 here.

We are confident that we can find a way to offer these workshops without contravening bylaws, but we’re still working through the details.

If this topic interests you, you can register here and we’ll let you know when we get it all figured out.

In the mean time, please take a moment to learn more about one of our local experts and tour guides, Mandi Thompson.

Mandi is a young creative and devotee of local living. She’s a proud Surrey-ite who has been passionate about foraging for many years, and recently got serious about it.

She spends her free time wandering through waste spaces and yards in search of plump greens, weeds and berries to whip into simple and delicious fare.

In the past, Mandi has led foraging tours around Surrey for everyone from recent retirees to Syrian refugees and has become an advocate for education about wild edibles.

If you can’t make it to the tours, you can check out her “Fantastic Forager” YouTube channel here. Below is a selection of some of Mandi’s favourite videos:


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