Artists for a Change

The Arts Hub at Alex House is seeking artists to participate in their “Artists for a Change” project!

Read on for more information. Contact Neil Fernyhough, Manager of Community Programs at Alexandra Neighbourhood House for full application information.

What it is…

  • AFAC is an initiative of Alexandra Neighbourhood House, supported in part by a grant from the Vancouver Foundation, to create a collaborative arts hub for South Surrey and White Rock. Funding for this project runs through the end of 2017; but we hope to secure further funding to continue it.
  • We are looking to gather up to twelve artists, ages 16 and up, representing diverse media, to create one or more projects highlighting one or more issues of social concern.
    Any installation/performance/exhibition will be publicized through media platforms; and occur at our venue or a venue secured through us.
  • An assessment team of established individuals from the local arts community will review applications and select the artists, identifying one who will act as a focalizer, ensuring that the project runs smoothly and to liaise with Alex House.
  • The artists will work individually; but also collaboratively in a dedicated space at Alex House (the Media Room). The topic(s) will be chosen in consultation with Alex House.

What we do…

  • We will provide the space for the creative team to work, and have a budget to purchase supplies and equipment to assist in the development of the project.
  • We will supply a modest honorarium of between $300 and $350 (depending on number of artists chosen), which can be used to assist them in purchasing their own supplies.
    After-cost ticket sale revenue will be divided between the artists.
  • We will provide advertising for the event(s), secure a venue, provide refreshments, and recruit volunteers to assist.
  • The event(s) will be followed up with a program of community engagement; in order to translate the inspiration of the artistic event into grassroots advocacy and activism to help create change around the issue(s) addressed.
  • We will provide letters of reference to the artists to acknowledge their participation in this project.

What we are looking for…

  • We are seeking emerging and established artists, ages 16 and over, representing diverse visual, literary, and performing arts who have the ability to work collaboratively towards a shared vision.
  • We invite applications from those who have a passion about creating change in our community around equality, justice, inclusion, and the environment.
  • A demonstrated ability to work with minimal external direction, in a collaborative environment, especially an artistic one, is an asset.
  • We encourage applicants who represent traditionally marginalized or vulnerable communities.

Next steps…

  • Applications are due no later than April 1, 2017.
  • Applications will be reviewed by an external team of artists and arts professionals.
  • Successful applicants will be contacted no later than April 20, 2017.
  • Project will launch on or before May 1, 2017.

For more information:

Neil Fernyhough
Manager, Community Programs
604-535-0015 (ext 236)

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